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Twitch On Chromecast Is Finally Here!

Sep 16 2014

You’ve asked for Twitch on Chromecast and now it’s here! Watching your favorite games and broadcasters on your TV just got a whole lot easier.

“Cast” Twitch to Your TV

Our new Chromecast support lets you send live Twitch video from your Android device, iPhone, iPad or laptop right to your TV. Getting started is easy:

  1. Open Twitch on your laptop or mobile device. Remember to update your apps if you don’t have updating auto-enabled.

  2. Tap the “cast” icon. If you’re using Android, the icon is on the top right. If you’re on a laptop or iOS, the cast icon can be found on the bottom right of the video player.

Note: For Twitch to Chromecast from the web player, make sure to install the Google Cast extension.

Pictured: Chromecast on iPhone (left), Chromecast on Android (right).

Pictured: Chromecast on Twitch web player

  1. From there, the live broadcast will play on your TV, while chat remains on your mobile device or laptop.

  2. You can also access playback controls on your mobile device, or browse for other content without interrupting the live video on your TV.

“Cast” From Multiple Devices, Any Time

One of the coolest features about Chromecast is its multi-sender functionality. Any device that is connected to your Wi-Fi turns into a remote control for your TV. This means that while you’re casting from an iPhone, your friend can also control what’s being played on the TV from an Android device or vice versa.

To learn more about using Chromecast for the first time, go here.

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