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Announcing the 2019 Twitch Developer Tour

Feb 13 2019 - By Amir Shevat

The Twitch Developer team is coming to meet our community of developers and builders across the world this year!

We will kick off the tour in Tel Aviv this April and join the rest of the Twitch community in Berlin during TwitchCon Europe. Then we head to Paris and London — with more cities around the globe being announced soon.

Come learn about why working with Twitch and Twitch technologies like Extensions, Drops, and Twitch Prime make sense for your game, and see how building streamer tools help engage the streamer and viewer communities on Twitch. These technologies are a fundamental part of engaging the Twitch community and creating unique interactive experiences.

You can also meet with the TwitchDev team, share your ideas, give feedback on the product roadmap, and connect with your local Twitch Developer community.

In each city, you will also have the opportunity to hear from special guests and local partners who will dive into what Twitch brings to the table for the entire community.

Spots are limited — secure yours now.

Upcoming Events

Click to learn more and reserve your ticket today.

8 April: Tel Aviv

12 April: Berlin

15 April: Paris

17 April: London

More cities around the globe will be announced soon, so check here for updates!

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