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Extension analytics for developers now available in beta

May 31 2018 - By Cheri Saito

We consistently hear that the Twitch developer community is looking to gain deeper insights into how games or extensions are performing, so that they can turn those insights into better, more engaging experiences for Twitch creators and their viewers. We recently launched game analytics as part of our commitment to providing you with actionable insights and recommendations, and today, we’re adding a new tool to your arsenal: extension analytics in beta.

Extension analytics will help to answer questions like:

The data — accessible by API or your dashboard — includes the number of installs, uninstalls, activations, unique active channels, views, and clicks for your extension by day. For a full list of metrics and definitions, check out the Twitch Developer Insights guide.

We’ve heard from test partners about how they plan to use extension analytics to take a data-driven approach to their optimization strategy:

“Extension analytics is a great start. We are so happy that the Twitch Insights Team is building this for us and excited to see where it goes.” - OP.GG

“Analytics allow us to tell the story of why extensions are important to publishers and how they enhance the time watched and engagement of their content.” - Peter Bonanni, CEO of Muxy

“It’s been an interesting time for developers of Twitch extensions. First we got the platform, then we got Bits in Extensions, and now we are getting extension analytics. Whilst not everyone is going to monetise their extensions with Bits, every developer needs to know how their extension is being used. And using this information, and making a few simple changes to an extension — from the wording on a button here or adding a UI element there — improves viewer and broadcaster engagement with the extension. I’m looking forward to making my extensions even better, based not just on viewer and broadcaster feedback, but with extension analytics helping me understand how people use my extensions.” - Barry Carlyon, Infrastructure Lead for CohhCarnage and Technical Consultant for OPG

Getting started

You can access extension analytics via the Twitch API or your extensions dashboard.

Extension analytics API: Check out the documentation

Extensions dashboard:

  1. Log into

  2. Navigate to your Extensions dashboard (Dashboard > Extensions)

  3. Click Export CSV Data to download performance data for your extension from the last 90 days. We recommend you download your data at least once per month so that you’re able to keep a rolling history of your extension’s metrics.

Please let us know what you think — we look forward to your feedback in the forums!

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