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The VRV Animation Marathon brings four days of shows to Twitch

Dec 14 2017 - By Brian

Twitch is teaming up with VRV, a streaming service for all things nerdy, to bring you four days of non-stop shows beginning tomorrow at Noon PT on /TwitchPresents*.

We’ll show you Bravest Warriors, a show about space-warping teens from the mind behind Adventure Time. We’ll stream Bee and PuppyCat, a ridiculously colorful story about two super cute heroes who travel between reality and “Fishbowl Space.” We’ll even bring you Deep Space 69, a show so nice we had to ask our legal department about a disclaimer. Here it is:

“Some of the following programs are intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.”

The full schedule will appear on the channel page, but if you want a peek at what’s coming, peek away!

Cartoon Hangover presents:

Bravest Warriors Seasons 1, 2, and 3 Bravest Warriors Minisodes Bee and Puppycat Too Cool Cartoons Go Cartoons — The Summoning

Mondo presents:

LastMan DeepSpace 69 and DeepSpace 69 401 X Story Nova Seed Cat Agent Dick Figures: The Movie Geist Felix Colgrave

VRV presents:

Dofus Cyanide & Happiness

Each season will run in its entirety and repeat three times, all on the original Twitch Presents channel. Don’t miss out, starting December 15.

*While we’re excited to bring the VRV Animation Marathon to Twitch, the content will be limited to the US only.

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