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Introducing In-Extension purchases, now in limited preview

Nov 29 2017 - By Cheri Saito

Last month at Developer Day at TwitchCon, we announced our plans to help you, the developer community, build your business on Twitch. Just as we’ve brought powerful monetization tools to creators, we’re now doing the same for you.

Today, we’re excited to launch In-Extension purchases, available in limited preview.

**In-Extension purchases create a marketplace within your Extensions, which streamers can install to enable viewers to see, buy, and use digital goods within them. For example, imagine creating an Extension for a virtual pet where viewers can buy pet food within the experience, or an Extension that lets viewers buy stickers that appear on stream to other viewers. This creates further opportunity to customize and enhance interactions between streamers and their viewers, all while fueling your creativity by allowing you to monetize.

To start, we’ve partnered with a few developers for this limited preview. You can see these in action on select channels here. When viewers buy an item within an Extension, they support both the developer and the streamer, who share the revenue.

We’re excited to roll this out to the entire community of developers very soon. Please let us know if you’re interested in building an Extension with the ability to monetize, and share your feedback with us in the forums.

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