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A new way to keep up with games you can buy on Twitch

Jul 27 2017 - By Tanisha Gupta

In April we announced that fans could now buy the games that they love directly on Twitch, while supporting streamers and earning Twitch exclusive loot with each purchase. Today, we are excited to share a brand new way to discover the games that are available for sale on Twitch.

Now there is a new way to help you keep up with all the new games, Twitch Crate offers (sometimes we like to celebrate by letting you get 2x the crates) and any exciting Twitch exclusive in-game content that we have available for you (like the Warframe Prominence bundle). Check it out by going to

Exciting games will be highlighted in the top rotating banner. Any special promotions we run will also be easily shown on this page. If you want to keep up with the latest titles, you can always see new games that are available for sale in the “What’s New” section, or check out our “Popular Section” to see what games and in-game content are getting love from the community.

Why Buy On Twitch?

When you buy a game or in-game item from your favorite streamer’s page, they will get 5% of the revenue. If that weren’t enough, for any purchase of $4.99 or more, you will also get a Twitch Crate.

Twitch Crates come loaded with random rewards like bits, badges and emotes for you to use across Twitch. You can open them right away or hoard them for later in your inventory page. The emotes and badges in Twitch Crates range from common to very rare. Several games have custom emotes as well, and if one is available for the game or in-game content you just purchased, you’ll to get that in your Twitch Crate too.

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