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Neighbors, we’ve passed a Mister Rogers milestone

May 25 2017 - By Anthony Guzzardo

We hope you’re feeling particularly snappy today because we’ve got some exciting news.

Thanks to viewers like you, we’ve raised over $23,000 (Update: A final total of $42,145 as of June 26, 2017) that will make for a speedy delivery to PBS stations all across the country, as well as The Fred Rogers Company. With the marathon ending on June 3, let’s keep this trolley rolling and ensure that Fred Rogers’ legacy of quality public children’s programming continues to grow ideas from the gardens of viewer’s minds.

Speaking of trolleys, we’ve sure travelled a long way together throughout the course of the last 10 days, haven’t we? From the black and white era where we made new friends and learned to love NET, to the opera-loving, fish-feeding, ugga-mugga-sharing 1970’s shows, we’ve managed to experience a lot of good feelings with one another. What are your favorite Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood moments so far? Say “greetings” and share them with us by calling 681-Hi-Fred0 (681–443–7330).

We’ve received more than 300 voicemails over the course of the marathon. Viewers from all around the world left meowssages meow made us laugh, messages that made us cry, and messages that made us remember how much of an impact Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and PBS still carry today. Here are some of our favorites.

Thanks for watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and for your continued support of PBS. You’ve made this special marathon even more special just by being you. There’s no community in the whole world like you; and we like you just the way you are. See you tomorrow!

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