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Finding the perfect League of Legends stream on Twitch just got easier

Apr 19 2017 - By Brian

It’s never hard to find a League of Legends stream on Twitch, but it can be hard to find the perfect one. Today, we’re changing that.

Next time you check out the League of Legends directory, you’ll notice two new tools at the top of the page. One lets you filter streams by a player’s rank, and the other lets you filter streams by the Champion being played. If you can’t see it quite yet, that’s okay. It may take just a bit longer to show up for everyone.

Don’t want noob streams? Challenger rank is what you’re after. Only want noob streams? Bronze it up, friends. If you want all Teemo streams, all the time, well… we’re here to enable that too, but we may silently judge you. You can mix and match the different filters too.

We’ve worked alongside Riot Games to time these features with the launch of two new League of Legends Champions, Xayah and Rakan. If you want to see how they play, filter your streams by Champ and get your learn on. This is the first time any platform has leveraged metadata from League of Legends in this way, and we’re stoked to be a part of it.

If you’re a League of Legends streamer and you want to make sure your channel has the correct information, you must link your Twitch and League of Legends accounts. We have a quick and easy guide on how to do that right here.

GLHF, Summoners.

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