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Deprecation of Create and Delete Follows API Endpoints

Jun 28 2021 - By Travis Brown

The Twitch API powers a diverse range of applications and use-cases. With each endpoint, we take care to ensure we are providing functionality that will help developers create tools for our creators and engaging experiences for our viewers, all to make the Twitch community strong, safe, and fun. While the ability to follow and unfollow channels with our APIs opened up novel use cases for developers, at times these APIs have also been used by bad-faith actors to harass our community and create fake engagement. In the interest of protecting the Twitch community from these types of abuse, we are removing these endpoints from our API.

Today, we are announcing that we will permanently shut down the Follow Channel, Unfollow Channel, Create User Follows and Delete User Follows endpoints in the Twitch API and V5 on July 27, 2021

If your application uses these endpoints, please update your implementation to prevent downtime or errors before the shutdown date. Effective today, Twitch applications that have not previously accessed these endpoints will not be able to access them. If you need help or have questions, connect with us in the Twitch Developer forums announcement.

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