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Celebrate Women's History Month on Twitch

Mar 1 2021

Twitch is a place where creators can build their world and have their voice heard. 

And women are doing that live, every day. 

Building channels. Building communities. Building the future of gaming. And inspiring all of us while doing it. Including the next generation of women streamers. 

So this month, join us in celebrating women creating their own worlds, building their communities, and leading Twitch to the next level. 

Support Women Creators Every Day This Month 

Every day in March we’re raising up women and their communities  on Twitch. From the newest up and coming voices to the trailblazers, check out the front page to see a different featured streamer, starting right now. You can find the full schedule below. Just double check the start time (they’re all in PT), jump into chat, and join their world.

We will also be kicking off activity in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy on International Women’s Day on March 8th with local front page features for women creators. This activity will last all month long. Follow along on our local social media pages in these countries for more details on the schedule and planned events to celebrate.

TOKiMONSTA presentsEverywoman - March 26-27 (12-5pm PT)

Everywoman is a two day Twitch event happening March 26-27 curated by Grammy-nominated producer TOKiMONSTA. In celebration of Women’s History Month, Everywoman will showcase performances from leading female figures of dance music, R&B, hip-hop and indie alongside conversations between thought-leaders, journalists, artists and more on the issues facing women in the arts and beyond.

Channel: LostResortTV (/lostresorttv)

Support 1,000 Dreams Fund

We’re excited once again to get involved and support the dreams of women on Twitch by fundraising for the 1,000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant, open to women Affiliates and Partners. Since its launch during our inaugural Women’s History Month in 2018 the 1,000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant has raised over $260k and awarded 189 grants to women Affiliates and Partners. 

Sign-up to fundraise on Tiltify and check out our Creator Camp article on Charity Streaming for best practices.

If you’re a women creator- interested in a grant to uplevel your streaming career here’s how you can apply:

Twitch Women’s Alliance

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re excited to unveil the Twitch Women’s Alliance, a new community to help push forward the visibility and growth of women creators on Twitch. 

Twitch Women’s Alliance has been made possible thanks in part by creators who have voiced concern, offered feedback, and placed trust in Twitch to improve the representation, respect, and resources for all women in our community. We believe the Twitch Women’s Alliance’s mission is imperative to shifting the industry landscape to better welcome and foster diversity and support streamers who identify as women. 

With our ongoing objective to build a global community, we are excited that this new program can serve to uplift and empower all Twitch creators who identify as women and their allies.

You can read more about the Twitch Women’s Alliance program in the blog post here.

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