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Twitch Studio Updates: New Tools to Help You Stream Like a Pro

Oct 12 2020

Since we first launched Twitch Studio we’ve continued to work with the community to provide even more features to help you take your streams to the next level. Today we’re excited to share our latest batch of tools to help you achieve pro quality streams, whether you’re brand new to Twitch Studio or have been using the app since day one. Check out below all the new features to play with: 

Ready to test them out? Download Twitch Studio here or jump back in to play with the latest features. These are just the newest Twitch Studio tools to make it simple and fast to help you get started running a high quality stream. Be sure to be on the lookout for even more app updates ahead. 

For help with all things Twitch Studio checkout the Twitch Studio section of the Knowledge Base for any questions or suggestions. 

Looking for more control?

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