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All aboard the Hype Train

Jan 9 2020

We’ve seen the amazing support that happens when a community unites to celebrate a favorite streamer. To make these community support events more rewarding for everyone, we’re launching Hype Train to all Partners and Affiliates. This feature amps up the energy in a channel when there’s an influx of cheers, subs, and gifts from a number of unique participants that meets the threshold set by the streamer. Then, the Hype Train kicks off. 

After it’s rolling, your continued support with Bits, Subs, and gifted Subs can take the Hype Train to the next level every time you fill the Hype-o-Meter. Everyone who—to keep this metaphor going for some reason—shovels some coal into the train’s furnace by using Bits, Subs, or gifts will be rewarded with a special Hype Train emote if the train succeeds. 

Check out your favorite streamers’ channels today to see if there’s a Hype Train incoming. And for everything you’d want to know about Hype Train, check out our help article.

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