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Announcing Broadcaster Royale — General Registration is Open

Jul 13 2018 - By Emily Halpin

$300,000, the biggest names on Twitch, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, and YOU. Register now to compete in Broadcaster Royale, a game-changing tournament series coming only to Twitch.

The two-season global event starts on July 21 and will feature hundreds of your favorite Twitch streamers competing against thousands of community players, vying for a $300,000 prize pool — and one of them can be you! Registration closes at 11:59PM PDT on July 16, so sign up now!

Following the special Unboxing Prime Day event today (featuring a PUBG Squad Showdown with popular streamers Shroud, DrDisRespectLIVE and AnneMunition), join more of your favorite Twitch streamers to kick off Broadcaster Royale Season 1 on July 21. Twitch Partners and Affiliates as well as selected members of the general public will compete in teams of two in regional qualifiers for North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Oceania.

As the first event of its kind, Broadcaster Royale isn’t just bucking the trend of “pros only” competitions; we’re knocking it down with a cast-iron pan. Whether you’re a superstar streamer or even a newcomer who’s never gone live before, if you love competing in PUBG and have the skills to match, this is the competition for you. Prove that you’re a skilled tactician who’s quick on the draw, and set the record straight by throwing down the gauntlet and silencing any and all critics. Not only that, but you’ll also get access to awesome new in-game items — some of which are free to Twitch Prime members! (More details on this coming soon!)

Ready to get started? Fantastic! Here are some important details you’ll need to know: Season 1 of Broadcaster Royale will consist of two paths for competitors: Invitational & Open. Don’t worry, both paths ultimately lead to the same place, so you’ll get your shot to topple the giants… Make it count.

What You Need to Know


*South America will only have an Invitational Path. Oceania will only have an Open Path. All other regions will have both an Open & Invitational Path.

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