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Now, buy games to support Affiliates!

Jun 7 2017 - By Robin Fontaine

Get double Twitch Crates on all purchases this week!

When we launched the Affiliate Program last month, our goal was to help support the thousands of hardworking and talented streamers out there that hadn’t yet made Partner. But we didn’t foresee just how positive the impact would be for so many streamers and their communities.

Zhylaw, now a Twitch Affiliate, said it best:

“As someone who has been around on Twitch from when Justin.TV still existed, I say with no exaggeration this is the greatest thing Twitch has done since the Partner program itself first started. For myself and many others, it’s not even about potential “money” but the official community and company recognition of being more than a viewer but a “content creator” and a member of “the family” as it were.”

Support Affiliates with Game Purchases

We’re thrilled to welcome so many streamers into the family and to continue building the program with new ways to support Affiliates. Speaking of which… we’re proud to announce that, starting today, Affiliates can earn revenue from sales of games and in-game items originating from their channel page.

Currently, when any streamer is playing a game that’s available for sale on Twitch, you can buy the game or in-game items using a purchase button that will appear on that channel page. We’re constantly adding new games to our catalogue, and working to bring you exciting things like the Twitch exclusive Warframe Prominence bundle, or Smite’s Bob Ross skins. Until now, only Partners were eligible to receive a 5% revenue share from those purchases. Now, Affiliates are, too!

Double Crates for 1 Week!

**To celebrate, we’re giving out **double the Twitch Crates for the next 7 days. From now through June 14th, any time you buy a game or in-game item on Twitch for at least $4.99, you’ll earn not just one Twitch Crate, but two. This applies to purchases from any page on Twitch, not just Affiliate channel pages. That’s double the emotes, badges, or Bits you can get!

Burning Questions

Q. Double Twitch Crates!?!?! How do I get in on that?

A. Purchase any game or in-game item for at least $4.99 on Twitch between now and June 14th at midnight PST and you’ll get 2 Crates instead of the usual 1. To see a complete list of games available on Twitch, click here.

Q. How do I know when a Partner or Affiliate is getting a 5% share of my purchase?

A. When you see “Purchase revenue will be shared with [Streamer’s Twitch name]” to the right of the purchase button on the channel page, you can feel good knowing that Partner or Affiliate will receive a 5% revenue share of your purchase.

Q. I’m an Affiliate. Do I have to do anything to be eligible to receive revenue from Game Sales?

A. All Affiliates are automatically enabled to start earning from game sales starting today. You’re good to go! You just need to be playing a game that is available for sale on Twitch for a purchase button to appear on your channel page.

Q. When will Affiliates get Subscriptions?

A. Not just yet. We’re working on it!

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