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Don’t Miss Minecraft Mayhem

Oct 22 2016 - By Sam Brown

Creepers, and Zombies, and Spiders — OH MY! Halloween is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to play through some of the scariest Minecraft adventure maps! Join 8BitDylan, Bacon_Donut, MKtheWorst, OMGchad, PPlushy, and thethiliacraft as they explore haunted houses and complete terrifying challenges. Get a thrill watching them indulge in their worst Minecraft fears, starting this Saturday, October 22nd through Thursday, October 27th at 7 PM PST.


MKtheWorst — Saturday, 7 PM PST

8BitDylan — Sunday, 7 PM PST

Bacon_Donut —Tuesday, 5 PM PST

PPlushy — Tuesday, 7 PM PST

OMGchad — Wednesday, 7 PM PSTPST

thethiliacraft — Thursday, 7PM PST

Tune in to find out what they dig up…

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