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Viewers and broadcasters unite! Building together in Poly Bridge

Jul 12 2016 - By Kai Boyd

Creative engineer? Sandbox builder? Professional architect? None of the above? No problem!

Poly Bridge from Dry Cactus is now fully launched, along with a unique Twitch integration that lets you collaborate with your broadcaster and other fans to create engineering genius.

Poly Bridge is a physics-based puzzle game that let’s you engage on Twitch in a unique way. Through an in-browser player experience, viewers submit build schematics to their broadcaster, who then vets and chooses the best designs to load in-game.

As a viewer, you’re also a player in the game — directly contributing to your broadcaster’s success (or failure), and potentially the hero designer with the winning bridge build.

As a streamer, you play at your own pace and can engage with your community in a deeply engaging way. With features like subscriber-only mode and timed suggestion submission windows, Poly Bridge gives you freedom to craft your own community narrative.

Interested in playing as a viewer or as a broadcaster? Learn more on the Poly Bridge site, and we’ll see you on the other side (of the river, hopefully)!

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