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Where My Fishes At? Twitch Integrated With TouchFish on iOS

Sep 17 2014

Some fishy stuff has been going down on Twitch these days. First a fish went on an adventure, then two fish decided to go mano y mano. And, now thanks to our integration with TouchFish, you can dive into the aquatic action. (Please wait 30 minutes after eating and no running.)

TouchFish is the first iOS game to have Twitch broadcasting functionality at launch. In the game, you raise a virtual BuddyFish and build out a physics-based world for it — all in movie-quality, real-time 3D graphics. Your BuddyFish can learn new tricks (through mini games), read your emotions, and even show your reflection in its eyes.

Wanna know what it’s like living in a fishtank? Use the reverse camera to broadcast yourself from within your virtual pet’s world. Our integration also lets you easily check out the tanks of other players, too, from within the app.

Keep up to date on the TouchFish page on Twitch for more cool features. A 24-hour interactive channel will be launching soon™. And, most importantly, check out the game for yourself on the App Store.

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