Jun 22, 2023

An Update on Hype Chat and Cheering

We’ve decided to deprecate Hype Chat and invest more into improving Cheering and Bits. After assessing early usage, we didn’t see the results we expected from Hype Chat. We still believe in the value of pinned messages in fast-moving chats, so streamers will be able to turn pin Cheers with Bits on or off in their channels in the coming weeks.

When we launched Hype Chat, we believed that it offered a new way for viewers to stand out and support their favorite streamers who had larger audiences with fast-moving chats; as well as give streamers a new opportunity to celebrate their biggest supporters. From experiments we ran prior to launch, we believed that Hype Chat offered an easier way for viewers to support streamers - since it allowed a majority of viewers to directly purchase Hype Chats with their local currency. 

However, we learned through community feedback after the launch that viewers saw more value in Cheering because it was easier to understand exactly how much streamers earned from Bits. Direct purchases through Hype Chat, made from a monetary amount instead of Bits, also made it more difficult to understand how much streamers were earning after currency conversion. 

We will discuss more on Patch Notes next week on November 15th, at 12:00pm.

Live moves fast. Partners, you have a lot going on while you’re streaming. A community filled with chatters who have something to say, and a chat experience that can at times move really fast. That’s why we’re introducing Hype Chat, a new and additional way for your viewers to stand out and reach you. You’ll also earn a share of the revenue from each Hype Chat purchase.

Hype Chat allows viewers in your channel to directly purchase messages that are pinned to the top of chat. Here’s some detail:

  • With Hype Chat, viewers will be able to send chat messages with amounts from $1 USD to $500 USD (Streamers can set the minimum up to $100 USD) - and those messages will get pinned to the top of chat.
  • The duration, character count, and visual design of the pin will depend on how much a viewer spends - higher value Hype Chats will stay at the top of chat longer, have longer allowed character counts, and have more standout designs.
  • Hype Chat will be available alongside existing monetization features like Bits, Subs, and Gift Subs.

Partner-only at launch

We think Hype Chat will work best in channels that feature fast-moving chat. That’s why at launch, it’s available to Partners only. We’re working on a plan to roll it out more broadly.

Another way to earn

Most viewers will purchase Hype Chat directly in their local currency–no Bits required. Hype Chat’s revenue split is 70/30 net of payment costs on web. Streamers receive 70%, and Twitch receives 30%. You can read more about how payments and fees work in our help page.

Subs, Gifts, Bits, and other forms of support aren’t changing. Hype Chat is a new, additional way that streamers can earn revenue.

Designed with safety in mind

With such a visible new feature at chat’s disposal, it’s vital that we keep the safety of streamers and their communities in mind. Hype Chat, at launch, will be integrated with Twitch’s existing safety features for chat including:

  • Viewers will not be able to send Hype Chat messages that contain banned words or phrases, including both sitewide by Twitch and at the channel level by streamers.
  • Hype Chat messages from users who are timed out or banned will be immediately removed from the queue.
  • Hype Chat messages are scanned by AutoMod, and viewers will not be able to complete their Hype Chat purchase if it’s flagged by AutoMod.

In addition to this, we’re adding Hype Chat specific safety features:

  • Streamers and Mods will be able to unpin Hype Chat messages they deem harmful or unwelcomed.
  • Streamers can set a minimum Hype Chat price to up to $100 USD for their channel and adjust it whenever they’d like.

Integrated with Twitch Alerts

At launch, streamers will be able to set up Hype Chat alerts directly via Alerts by Twitch.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should! We’ve experimented with similar features in the past. Hype Chat was built with consideration for the feedback we received in prior experiments. As always, we welcome your feedback on UserVoice.

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