May 25, 2023

It’s Super Ultra Combo Week on Twitch!

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like if Twitch chained together the biggest combo of live fighting game content the world has ever seen? Complete with your favorite streamers, exclusive giveaways, chances to be featured on the front page, merch prizes, and free guacamole, all culminating in the release of Street Fighter 6? That’s a weird coincidence, because we’re doing exactly that with Super Ultra Combo Week.

We know that the Fighting Game Community is just as diverse and full of character as the games themselves, that’s why from May 29th - June 2nd we’re coming together for the ultimate showcase of fighting game related content on Twitch. Whether you’re playing them, watching them, painting them, dressing like them, knitting a chunky winter sweater about them, or just lurking in Chat, we want to see you there.


May 29th - June 2nd:
Throw your hat in the ring by streaming at least 10 minutes of your favorite fighting game (or fighting game inspired content) and tagging your stream with “SuperUltraCombo” for a chance to be featured on the front page. Streamers in the USA and Canada who also use the tag “Sweepstakes” will be eligible to win the full collection of Twitch vs. Street Fighter merch! (rules apply)

Not a streamer? We’ve got you covered. Viewers who watch just five minutes of Super Ultra Combo Week content will receive an exclusive chat badge once the event has concluded.

June 1st:
Tune-in to to watch our special pre-release Street Fighter 6 stream featuring (you guessed it) IFCYipeS and a very special surprise guest. Will this be the most powerful Super Ultra streamer Combo to ever enter the Twitch Arena? We think it might.

June 2nd:
Starting at 4pm PT, check out for our official coverage of the launch day fun where we’ll be showcasing SF6 streams from all over Twitch. Want to be featured? Just stream the game using the tag “SuperUltraCombo” for a chance to be included.

Viewers in the USA and Canada can watch SF6 streams to earn free Chips and Guac from Chipotle (rules apply), and viewers everywhere can earn discounts on official Twitch vs. Street Fighter merch. (rules apply)

June 7th and 8th:
The fight isn’t over until we say so! Check out from 3-7pm PT for Twitch Rivals: Street Fighter 6 Showdown ft. Maximilian_DOOD. This 5v5 ‘squad battle’ style competition will feature eight teams of five players from all corners of the Fighting Game Community—All competing for a $50k prize pool!

Everyone in the Fighting Game Community wields their own unique skills, special moves, and perspectives - and when you bring them all together, the combo is unbreakable.

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May 31, 2023

Explore the Show Floor at TwitchCon Paris

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May 24, 2023

Street Fighter 6 Viewer Rewards on Twitch

Celebrate the Launch of Street Fighter 6 with Chipotle and Twitch Merch!
Street Fighter 6 Viewer Rewards on Twitch Post