Apr 12, 2023

Announcing New Twitch Unity Guild Leaders and Our Call For Members

UPDATE AS OF 10/20: Affiliates can now join Unity Guilds! We are excited to expand  Unity Guilds and welcome additional members to the Black Guild, Women’s Guild and Latin Guild.  Affiliates in good standing with Twitch who are interested can learn more and apply HERE.

Today, we’re excited to announce our six new Twitch Unity Guild Leaders. A bit more context before we dive in.

Back in December we announced Twitch Unity Guilds, a program for networking, development, and celebration that includes funding, branding, and a dedicated Discord space. In addition to the activities Guild leaders will collaborate on with members, Twitch will also plan a series of helpful workshops, events, recognition, and marketing opportunities throughout the year.  

Since December, we’ve interviewed many amazing applicants and selected six inspiring Twitch Partners as Guild Leaders to lead the Black, Women, and Latinx/Hispanic Guilds, respectively. And this is just the beginning! We recognize that creating authentic spaces for underserved communities is crucial to making sure Twitch continues to be the best place to stream. In this pilot program, we’ll have learnings and feedback to evaluate before we can scale to more underserved communities and countries in the future. We want to get this right and inspire Guild leaders to build communities and programs that have a lasting impact. 

We are honored to introduce our first-ever Twitch Unity Guild Leaders: 

Twitch Black Guild Leaders 

/EspeSymone (he/she/they) 

Espé Azalea Symoné is a drag queen and Dead By Daylight streamer on Twitch, who is passionate about creating safe streaming spaces for Black Queer individuals. They’re also a proud member of Team Stream Queens and Sistas of the Fog. 

/jermaineplays (he/him/his)  

JermainePlays is a NYC-based, bi-variety streamer, known for conquering Sekiro after dying 2,174 times! When he’s not showcasing his gaming prowess on stream, he can most likely be found indulging in his favorite food group: pizza.  

Twitch Women Guild Leaders 

/ChelseaBytes (she/her)  

ChelseaBytes is all about the tech on-stream. Not only is she an official G2 Esports streamer, she also hosts events for Amazon, Intel, and more. Her goal is to show the world that computer scientists don’t look and act the way most people imagine. Chelsea-Bytes was also a member of Twitch Women’s Alliance (TWA).

/CocoConfession (she/her)  

Coco is a variety content streamer, speedrunner, and musician based in Los Angeles. She’s been a full-time streamer on Twitch for five years and shares the spotlight with her two cats, Boogs and Nugget. You’ll find a lot of indie, retro, and challenge run content on her channel! Coco was also a member of Twitch Women’s Alliance (TWA).  

Twitch Latin Guild Leaders 

/elix (any) 

Immigrant and first generation Mexican-American, Elix started their streaming journey in 2017. They found their love for drag on Twitch and are inspired to help others live life as their true, authentic, and unapologetic selves. 

/Jubby (he/him/they) 

Jubby is a creative streamer specializing in Grand Theft Auto Roleplay and is known for his captivating drag queen persona. After pursuing a career in medicine, Jubby made the switch to streaming and has since become a popular figure in the online roleplaying community. 

We’re beyond hyped to have these dynamic leaders inspire and collaborate with the respective Twitch Unity Guilds. But a Guild is only as powerful as its members, so if you self-identify as Black, Woman, or Latinx/Hispanic and are interested in joining a Guild, the FAQ below will answer some of your questions and explain how to apply. We’d also like to call out how important the Twitch Women’s Alliance (TWA) was to the formation of Twitch Unity Guilds. Legacy Twitch Women’s Alliance members, who were part of the program inception, and have completed the Streamer Community Survey, are also invited to participate in the Guild program. 

Becoming a Twitch Unity Guild Member: FAQs

What are the benefits of being a Guild Member? 

  • Be a part of building community and setting the foundation for the first ever Twitch Unity Guilds
  • Invitations to quarterly events from Twitch (e.g. workshops and Q&A sessions on important topics relevant to the community)
  • Priority consideration for being featured in Twitch marketing opportunities
  • Access to the Guild Discord: a safe and welcoming community where Guild members can network and learn about upcoming events and opportunities

How do I apply to join a Guild? 

Enrollment to join the respective Twitch Unity Guilds is now open through April 26th, 2023. You can fill out an application HERE

Keep in mind that candidates must be Twitch Partners (or Affiliates that have been invited to apply) in good standing and who self-identify as Black, a woman, and/or Latinx/Hispanic, and are based in the US or Canada, stated within the Streamer Community Survey. Please note that we will be approving members on a rolling basis. If approved to join, you will be notified after our team ensures that verification of our Guild Member criteria is complete.  

Can I apply to be a Guild member for more than one Guild?

Yes! Members are able to join more than one Guild as long as they meet all eligibility requirements. 

Can allies be a part of the Guild?

No. While support from allies is amazing, only streamers that self-identify with the Guild community can be members or leaders. 

There is a Black, Women, and Latinx/Hispanic Guild. Why weren’t other Guilds created to support additional identity groups?

Based on feedback from Twitch community members, we’ve prioritized these launches. Following this year, we’ll take learnings and then evaluate before we scale to more underserved communities and countries in the future. We want to get this right and build communities and programs alongside Guild leaders that have a lasting impact.

I’ve had a recent conduct infraction, can I still apply? 

Guild members must be clear of any infractions on Twitch within the past 30 days to be approved for membership. 

What happens if I receive an infraction or violate Twitch TOS or Community Guidelines while in the Guild?

Depending on the severity of the infraction there may be Twitch Unity Guild enforcement actions taken that may impact your membership including warnings, suspension from Guild events and opportunities, suspension from posting on Guild Discord, and possibly removal from the Twitch Unity Guild. Twitch Staff will communicate and collaborate with Unity Guild Leaders if there are any major Twitch service violations that may impact Guild status. 

Are there any requirements to keep my membership active?

You must comply with Community Guidelines and Twitch Terms of Service. While we would love to see everyone participate in the Guilds, there’s no required activity level to maintain membership. 

Once accepted, how long will I be able to be a member? Is there a membership end date?

There’s no end date. You’ll be a member indefinitely or for however long you wish to participate, as long as you follow the Community Guidelines and Twitch’s ToS.

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