Mar 9, 2023

A More Flexible Ads Incentive Program, Coming in April

We created the Ads Incentive Program (AIP) to help Partners earn more revenue from the ads on their channel. Since we announced the program in February 2022, we have opened it up to all active Partners globally, and in June we announced that Partners who opted into the program would receive 55% net ad revenue. Today, we’re excited to share the next updates to the program, which we first mentioned in our open letter to the community earlier this year. These changes to AIP give streamers more control of the ad experience on their channel. Here’s how it will work starting in April:

You will be able to join or take a break at any time

Partners will still be shown three recommendations for the ads run per hour during a stream. To start earning 55% net revenue, you’ll still need to select one of them, but you’re no longer locked in for the month. You’ll be able to join, pick a different recommendation, or take a break from the program at any time. 

You’ll see revenue estimates instead of fixed payouts

Each of the three recommendations will show you a revenue estimate instead of a fixed payout. This is because we’re now offering the ability to change your settings at any time. So while you’ll no longer receive a fixed payout, you’ll have more flexibility within the program. Your actual revenue may differ from the initial estimate depending on various factors, such as your hours broadcast, your viewership, and the number of available ads that brands are running on Twitch in your country, as well as the number of ad minutes per hour you choose to run.

Your choice will roll-over—no need to sign up again every month 

Once you pick an option it will carry over until you update it. Previously, you’d need to remember to pick an option before each month started. Your revenue estimates will still update each month, so you can easily check to make sure you’re happy with your selection.

You’ll be able to adjust your settings outside the recommendations and still earn 55%
Using Ads Manager, you’ll also be able edit the amount of ads running on your channel beyond the three recommendations. As long as you don’t go below the set minimum of ads per hour for your channel, you’ll still earn 55% net ad revenue. The minimum ads per hour to earn 55% for all channels will be three minutes to start, but that may shift up or down depending on the country that you stream from and the size of your audience. If you choose to run fewer ads than this minimum, you’ll get a 30% net revenue share. We’ll let you know before any change is made to the minimum ad minutes per hour for your channel.

These updates will give Partners the same flexibility Affiliates have had since we made the new 55% net revenue share available to them in August 2022, but Partners will also get the added benefit of revenue estimates specific to their channel. Affiliates are still able to earn 55% net revenue share on the ads running on their channel by running more than three minutes of ads per hour using Ads Manager, and this update will not change their experience at all. 

Partners will get an email on March 15th to sign up to the new program, which will take effect on April 1st. If you have more questions about how it works, please check out the new AIP help article which has a step-by-step guide on how to opt-in and FAQs, or join our Patch Notes stream in late March where will explain the changes in more detail and take your questions live. Keep an eye on @Twitch for the exact date and time of that stream.



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