Mar 7, 2023

Have a Super Mario Day

It’s time to take your white gloves to the dry cleaners because it’s almost MAR 10 = MARIO = MARIO DAY! And this year, we want to make Mario Day super

On 3/10, we’re throwing one big Mario Party all across Twitch and the entire Twitch Community is invited. To join the celebration, use the tag ‘MarioDay’ and celebrate Mario like only you can. Stream your favorite Mario Game. Play Super Smash Bros. with only Mario characters. Play IRL tennis in Mario cosplay. Make Mario macaroni art. Heck, we may even have something special planned for Luigi! The possibilities, and the celebration, are endless.

We will also be hosting a special stream on /twitch that you won’t want to miss.

We’re excited for the celebration and we’ll see you in chat. So what are we waiting for? Lets-a-go!


In other news
Mar 9, 2023

A More Flexible Ads Incentive Program, Coming in April

Starting in April, Partners will have more options to earn 55% net ad revenue on their channel.
A More Flexible Ads Incentive Program, Coming in April Post
Mar 1, 2023

Together for Legendary Women

For teaming up, taking up space, telling their stories. Let’s show up for, support, and celebrate Legendary Women and how they bring people together all year long.
Together for Legendary Women Post