Oct 1, 2022

Celebrate Black History Month in the UK & Ireland

Every time they go live, they’re changing Twitch, gaming, culture and the world for the better. Every day, we are inspired, captivated and entertained by the incredible Black streaming talent in the UK and Ireland.

This Black History Month, join us in honouring, uplifting, and recognizing Black Creators in the UK and Ireland.

To kick things off, make sure to check out our Black Brilliance Recommended Section on the Front Page where you can meet a range of amazing creators doing their thing.

You can also find the full list of streamers on the official Black History Month team page who will be doing their thing LIVE this month. Be sure to show your support by joining them in chat!

Featured Creators 

  • SherikaSherard / 5th October / 1-3pm BST
  • OnlyJoeyD / 15th October / 1-3pm BST
  • Shanghaid / 18th October / 7-9pm BST
  • KingJae / 26th October / 7-9pm BST
  • GeekyCassie / 31st October, 1-3pm GMT

Special Events

/Shizelle / 3rd October / 7-9pm BST
Join Shizelle and panelists to discuss black people in sports who have contributed highly to the games we love to watch.

/QueenRedivivus / 7th October / 8-10pm BST
Join QueenRedivivus who is showcasing black content creators and their stories and experiences.

/Jasperine / 10th October / 1-3pm BST
Jasperine is bringing to life the discussion of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the video game culture and industry.

/PastelBat90 / 14th October / 8-10pm BST
Join PastelBat90 for a discussion on Destiny 2, mental health and more!

/DJNATHYB / 16th October / 7-9pm BST
Wresthings is a weekly wrestling podcast with a Black British perspective.

/MelaninGamers / 22nd October / 9pm BST
Join MelaninGamers’ All Black Apex Invitational as they celebrate Black History Month in style by showcasing some phenomenal black Apex players.

/Gleaney / 23rd October / 8-10pm BST
Gleaney and Jazeena Plays conduct a live interview about games, the game industry, streaming, BTUK members, being Black and Female in the gaming space.

/JiCanWin / 29th October / 1-3pm BST
JiCanWin is hosting a Black Ops Community Day event to coincide with the release of COD MW II.

Finally, we want everyone to have a safe space to connect and celebrate this month, which is why we’ve worked closely with creators every step of the way to help keep them safe by providing safety protocols, escalation processes, and running education and Q&A sessions for all participants.

Are you a Partner or Affiliate who would like to be considered for programs like this in the future? Let us know by completing the Streamer Community Survey found in your Creator Dashboard under “Settings.” Or just click here. Make sure to select the Data Preference that gives us permission to invite you to be featured in events, promotions, or sponsorships!

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