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Identify quicker and engage smarter with chat highlights and cues

Sep 29 2022

Personal recognition from streamers means more engagement means stronger communities means everybody wins. That’s why we’re focused on giving you more tools and insights that make it easier to create more magic moments with your community on Twitch.

Chat Highlights

Last year we rolled out the first-time chatter highlight to help streamers recognize new chatters and make them feel welcome. With such positive feedback from a single kind of highlight, we’re excited to make creator chat highlights available to all channels today. Here’s what you need to know:


Cues pop up while you’re live to deliver real-time audience insights, suggestions, and reminders to encourage timely engagement with your community. Starting today, a selection of streamers will see cues appear in chat or in activity feed while they stream. To start, we’re experimenting with the follow cue, which uses real-time data to let you know the ideal times to remind your viewers to follow you. 

Our mission to give you the tools you need to drive deeper engagement and thrive while you’re live is ongoing, and this is just a small piece of it.  We’ll continue experimenting in the coming months with features like raider highlights, returning chatter highlights, and viewer milestone cues. Learn more and share your feedback with us by visiting our help articles for chat highlights and the follow cue experiment.

We’ll see you in chat.

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