Jun 21, 2022

Prime Day perks. Made for Twitch.

It’s almost time for one of the biggest shopping days of the year – Prime Day. But before the deal-finding games begin, we want to give you a little preview so you can dominate the discounts. Stay tuned on the Twitch Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be the first to know when new deals drop so you can pwn Prime Day.

First, there’s a Prime deal that you can take advantage of right now, and every month – your free Prime sub on Twitch. That’s right, as an Amazon Prime member you get a free Prime sub on Twitch every single month so you can get the most out of Twitch. Connect and redeem your Prime sub today on any Partner or Affiliate channel and unlock subscriber-only perks like custom emotes, Subscriber Badges, ad-free viewing (where enabled) and more.

When you look good, you play good. Check out the Twitch merch available in Germany, UK, and US to make sure you always have a stream-worthy fit ready, rain or shine. Shop early while supplies last! But that’s not all. Stock up on the only card that can be used towards Twitch subs, gift subs, and Bits – Twitch gift cards. Now available on Amazon in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, and US.   If you’re a Prime member in Australia, you can head over and grab 10% off Twitch Gift Cards right now!

This year we’re bringing the deals to Twitch with POG Picks: Prime Time. Drop in during Prime Day for an interactive experience that gives you the power to shop right from the stream.

In other news
Jun 22, 2022

Smarter, Better, Faster: Using Machine Learning to Review Emotes

Smarter, Better, Faster: Using Machine Learning to Review Emotes Post
Jun 16, 2022

TwitchCon Amsterdam cosplay finalists are finally here!

After pouring over the submissions from all of our incredibly talented cosplayers, the TwitchCon Content Team is here to announce this year’s finalists for Amsterdam’s official Cosplay Contest!
TwitchCon Amsterdam cosplay finalists are finally here! Post