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Twitch Gift Cards Launch In The UK, Australia And Canada

Apr 18 2022

We’ve sailed the Atlantic, traversed the Pacific, and taken a short walk across the Canadian border carrying precious cargo – Twitch gift cards! Yep, starting today, Twitch gift cards are available in the UK, Australia and Canada. 

A Twitch gift card is a gift-giving cheat code that helps Twitch fans support their favorite streamers with subs and Bits, and helps them connect with the Twitch community. So give the gamer in your life the gift card that’s worth every Bit.

Where can I get a Twitch gift card?

You can find Twitch gift cards online at Amazon. Digital gift cards can be purchased in a variety of pre-set value increments. Physical gift cards can be purchased in variable values of your choosing.


How do you redeem a gift card?

Our code redemption page can be found here, or you can visit

Your gift recipient will need to have a Twitch account to redeem their code. Once it’s redeemed, the full amount on the card will be transferred over to the recipient’s gift card balance in their Twitch Wallet.

If you have more questions about the weird, wonderful world of Twitch and Twitch gift cards, then check out our original blog post here.

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