Nov 18, 2021

More Emotes, More Ways To Connect In Our Massive Emote Update

It’s pretty well understood that emotes are the language of the Twitch community. Frankly, we love to see it. They’re simple, impactful, and super fun. Starting today we’re opening up more ways for creators and community members alike to express themselves and go off in chat by adding a whole slew of new emote-based features. Let’s have a look at ‘em.

Affiliate Love: More Emote Slots

Previously, Affiliates began their journey with a single emote slot. You know what’s better than one emote slot? Five of ‘em. So, based on Affiliate feedback, we’re upping the initial number of Affiliate emote slots to five. That’s five new opportunities for expression, excitement, and personality.

Affiliates can unlock up to NINE total slots by reaching certain milestones. Emotes are one of the best ways to grow and reward your community as well, so, reach out to your favorite artists and tell ‘em you’ve got slots to fill. If you aren’t in a position to create custom emotes, don’t worry! You’ll have access to the entire default emote library to deploy as you see fit while you consider what your custom emote masterpieces will look like. Default emotes are found in your Library on your Emotes page.

This update starts rolling out today, and we expect all Affiliates to have access to these additional slots over the next several weeks. And, yes Partners, this change will carry over and increase the slots you have available as well unless you’ve already unlocked the maximum amount. See the unlocking schedule here.

Additional Affiliate Affection: Animated Emotes

Since we’re getting all emote-ional, when we launched Animated Emotes in June, we promised Affiliates they would also be able to offer Animated Emotes to their community. Affiliates will start with one Animated Emote slot with the ability to unlock up to five. These animated emotes slots are another way to let your personality shine and engage your community. But, you’re asking, animating emotes can be time consuming and costly. Not exactly a question, but a good point! That’s why we have our Easy Animate feature to help you easily convert your static emotes into animated versions for free.

This update will also start rolling out today. We expect all Affiliates to have access to their Animated Emotes over the next several weeks.

Emotion + Data: Emote Analytics

And finally, as you may have seen earlier this month, we’re rolling out the wonderful intersection of emotes and data: Emote Analytics. As we mentioned, emotes are distinct to every creator. They’re an expression. And as a Creator with a community in mind, it’s useful to know how and when your emotes are being used. We want to provide you with all the tools necessary to hone and improve your channel, and visualizing the usage of emotes on your channel is something we feel will help do that.

A few weeks ago we began the roll out of an emote analytics feature in your Creator Dashboard. Based on community feedback, today, all Affiliates and Partners have access to Emote Analytics. Learn more about it here.

The introduction of these features are spurred by your feedback. We always want to hear how we can provide a better experience for creators and communities on Twitch. If you have thoughts or feedback on how we can improve on all things emotes, let us hear about it.

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