Sep 8, 2021

Ready. Set. Goals! Rally the Squad with New Creator Goals

As a creator, it’s always helpful to call your shot. Clearly communicating your intention to reach a follower or sub goal is the first step towards both achieving that goal and building a community along the way. But you don’t want to be repeating yourself over and over every stream. So, how do you ensure your goals are clear and trackable for all to see? The answer is Twitch’s newest feature: Creator Goals.

Whether you’re celebrating a Partnerversary with a subathon or saving for a new mic to level up your audio, Creator Goals is a powerful new way to publicly launch and track those goals on Twitch. Now, with just a few clicks, creators can launch and display follower and sub goals on their channels. Maximize the visibility of ongoing goals to let your community know their status in real-time. Reaching goals doesn’t just benefit you, it also benefits your community. Custom and animated emotes, ad-free viewing (when enabled), loyalty badges and more are all on the table for subs once you progress to Affiliate and Partner status.

Easy to Use & Specific to You

Creator Goals is designed with simplicity in mind so you can remain focused on creating your best content. Launch a sub goal from Stream Manager by enabling the “Manage Goal” Quick Action, in Twitch Studio by adding a goal as a layer, or by using the “/goal” chat command.

Creator Goals also helps creators just beginning their streaming journey with follower goals. Setting follower goals adds visibility to your ongoing efforts to grow your audience as you master the art of engaging viewers and creating a community. To launch a follower goal, simply select the “Manage Goal” Quick Action and choose “Follower Goal” from the options. Follower goals are an excellent way to highlight the grind to Affiliate status while complementing tune-in messaging on social networks. (Check out Creator Camp for more pointers on growing your channel.)

Taking the Guesswork Out of Goals

To make it easier for creators to set goals that are right for them, Twitch will recommend goals based on a creator’s current sub point or follower count. Goal recommendations are designed to help creators reach their next recognizable milestone. For example, if a creator has 11 subs, Twitch will recommend they go for 20. If a creator has 260 followers, Twitch will recommend they reach for 300. Think you can reach higher or want to set a less ambitious goal? Simply edit the recommended goal higher or lower to make it your own. Creators can also customize the goal description to ensure viewers understand them clearly.

Rally the Squad

Creator Goals helps creators reach their objective by showing viewers the real-time, cumulative impact of their support. This feature is completely automated and launched whenever you start a new goal. Goals will remain active in a channel until the creator deletes them or starts a new one, meaning creators only have to set a goal once even if it takes them a few live streams to complete. Best of all, everyone watching your channel will see how close they are to reaching each goal.

When’s the best time to enable Creator Goals on your channels? Right now! The recent launch of local subscription prices around the world and the upcoming SUBtember promotion are great opportunities to engage with your viewers and start building communities together.


Developers - Creator Goals is coming to the Twitch API and EventSub! We kicked off our closed beta to gather initial feedback before we transition into an open beta in the near future. During this time, the developer documentation will be updated so you can begin brainstorming how to integrate Creator Goals into your third-party applications for the Twitch community.

Learn more about how to enable Creator Goals on a channel in this Help Article.

We’re just getting started with Creator Goals and will continue to add the features creators need to reach higher goals. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Please drop your suggestions in this UserVoice post. 

Should you have any questions, let us know at

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