Aug 4, 2021

Improving Representation and Equity

Starting today, all Partners and Affiliates will discover something new in their Creator Dashboard: the Streamer Community Survey. By completing this short survey, streamers provide us with valuable insight about their identity—which helps us build a better, more inclusive Twitch. Let’s jump in. 

We often talk about everyone on Twitch as “the community.” And while there are some qualities that are pretty much universal within the community—like wanting to support creators or meet people with shared interests—the reality, of course, is that everyone comes from different backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences. Improving inclusivity within our product and program designs is a priority for us, and in order to make that happen, we need a measurable way to understand how a creator’s identity might influence their experience on Twitch.  

That’s where the Streamer Community Survey comes in. 

The survey–developed in partnership with international survey experts PSB Insights–consists of seven questions that provide us with data about different aspects of a creator’s identity including gender, race, sexual orientation, and ability. By collecting this data, we can study the behaviors, interactions and differences in creator experiences based on their identity, build and improve tools that promote a safe and equitable experience for creators, and ensure our programs and initiatives support a diverse set of creators.   

This effort is only effective if creators share their information with us, which is why we are encouraging all Partners and Affiliates to participate. We also understand that identity is very personal and some creators may not feel comfortable revealing certain aspects of their identity. First, the information creators choose to share in the survey is not accessible to the public. Second, we will only use a creator’s data for the purposes to which they consent. Finally, creators can choose to answer all, some, or none of the questions in the survey–everything is optional–and they can always go  back and edit or delete their answers if they change their mind at any point in the future. 

In other news
Aug 5, 2021

Local Sub Pricing Expands Worldwide

UPDATE: Local sub pricing is available to all viewers in Europe.
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Aug 2, 2021

Celebrate Art Month on Twitch

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