Jul 1, 2021 - By Lucas Leadbetter

The Latest Twitch Drops Features to Empower Community Moments

Twitch Drops has continued to grow, becoming a critical tool for game developers to engage with their users and for viewers to earn free in-game loot just by participating on Twitch. For creators, it’s been one of the best ways to grow their communities through support of a beloved game.  It’s a delight to announce a handful of commonly-requested improvements and features to Drops today. 

Drops Entitlement EventSub Subscription Type

Being one of the most commonly-requested features, we’re excited to announce the general availability of an EventSub subscription type that can be used to receive notifications when viewers have earned in-game loot, allowing game developers to entitle goods more quickly. 

Along with the new User Authorization Grant EventSub subscription type, you do not have to worry about polling nearly as often. Click the link to view the documentation and get started with this new functionality.

**Drops **Fulfillment Status

Next, we’re happy to announce that Drops can now track fulfillment status. This allows a developer to update Twitch when an in-game item has been delivered to a user, reducing the number of items in the Drops Entitlement endpoint (when using the status filter), and making requests more manageable. 

To get started with Drops fulfillment status, see the documentation at the link above.

Event-Based Drops

When we think about the history of Twitch, we think of moments like the RLCS S5’s 0-second goal in the Grand Finals; we think about the wild moments that can only happen while the cameras are on, and the stakes are high and chat is on fire. These moments are made magical by the experience of being there alongside a community to celebrate with and getting to be amazed by the skill of creators. 

When we announced the latest version of Drops, we noted the ability to run event-based rewards as a limited beta. Since then, the team has been heads down making Drops better for everyone – viewers, broadcasters, and developers – and we’re happy to announce that event-based drops are now generally available for all game developers. 

Using event-based Drops, all game developers are now able to make those magic moments on Twitch just a little more fun and interesting, giving rewards during gameplay or events. This offers an opportunity to help make the aces, clutches, pentakills, and other key moments really memorable experiences for a creator’s community while also helping incentivize people to return to your game so they can try and replicate that moment. 

Enhanced Experiences (E2) API

Along with event-based Drops, we are also making the Enhanced Experiences (E2) API and supplied SDK available as well. With the SDK, you are able to send the required data for event-based Drops and start creating campaigns. For those with existing Drops integrations — congrats! All you need to do is include the SDK, send the data, create campaigns, create the trigger, and everything else works identically to time-based rewards. 

To get started, take a look at the SDK documentation as well as the documentation for event-based Drops

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are, and we look forward to the amazing moments this will empower for game developers on Twitch.

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