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Introducing Twitch Women’s Alliance

Mar 1 2021

With millions of people coming together each day on Twitch, the global community we’ve all built is one that we are immensely proud of. With our ongoing objective to build a global economy of diverse multiplayer creators, we are excited to announce a new program dedicated to uplifting and empowering Twitch creators who identify as women and their allies.

Twitch Women’s Alliance has been made possible thanks in part by creators who have voiced concern, offered feedback, and placed trust in Twitch to improve the representation, respect, and resources for all women in our community. We believe the Twitch Women’s Alliance mission is imperative to shifting the industry landscape to better welcome and foster diversity and support streamers who identify as women. 

The Twitch Women’s Alliance program will be focused on addressing the need for content creators who identify as women to feel safe and supported by, and on, Twitch. The three primary objectives are to build a direct support network, develop targeted educational and social programs, and increase representation of women in the Twitch community.

The program is dedicated to supporting streamers who identify as women through all stages of the life cycle at Twitch. With a focus on both short and long-term strategies, Twitch Women’s alliance aims to strengthen the Twitch community and amplify, support and uplift all women streamers. 

Twitch Women’s Alliance is being launched today as a pilot program in North America so that we may gather feedback to ensure that the resources and education offered are valuable to the participants. During the pilot, select Partners will be able to join through direct invites from Twitch, but we will quickly begin to expand to new regions, all Partners and, eventually, the broader community. If you are a Twitch Partner who is interested in joining the pilot, please fill out this form or message your Account Manager.

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