Nov 6, 2020 - By Jon Bulava

Twitch Developer Day 2020: Celebrating Innovation in the Community

Whether you’re interested in building a Twitch integration for your own channel or for thousands of creators, there’s an upcoming virtual event to celebrate the entire developer community.  The fourth-annual Twitch Developer Day will take place on Friday, November 13 starting at 10am PST on the TwitchDev channel.  Discover new Twitch third-party services, be inspired by other developers in the community, ask us questions, and build new experiences alongside the Live Coders.

Kickin’ it Off

The broadcast will begin with a keynote to look back on the past year, discuss how we can continue to support the success of third-party developers, and deliver some intriguing announcements.  Members of the Developer Relations team and some special guests from our product teams will be presenting, but we don’t want to give too much away!

Developer Spotlight

The best part of a developer community is appreciating the wide range of innovation it delivers at a tremendous scale.  A number of guests will be joining us in the spotlight section to discuss and demonstrate some of their latest products to enhance the viewer and broadcaster experience.  You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a handful of exemplary Twitch Extensions, Drops, and API implementations directly from the innovators behind their creation. 

Twitch Developer Q&A

After discovering the latest news and chatting with a few developers in the community, we’ll focus on your questions regarding third-party developer products and services.  A group of representatives covering everything from the Twitch API to Drops have been assembled to answer your questions.  We’ve created a category on the developer forums to submit and vote on questions starting today. Please submit your questions using the “New Topic” button before the broadcast so there is time for developers to vote on your ideas!

Live Coding With the Live Coders

To close out the day, members of the Live Coders Team will lead the community in building a few Twitch integrations to demonstrate unique use cases for brand new products announced earlier in the keynote.  It’s a great opportunity to code along and strengthen your command of the technical details and the possibilities.  Open up your text editor of choice and start building!

All of our Twitch Developer Day events will take place on Give us a follow to be notified when we’re live on November 13.  You can also follow @TwitchDev on Twitter to receive news throughout the day or search for #TwitchDevDay.  We’ll see you in chat!

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