Oct 12, 2020

Twitch Studio Updates: New Tools to Help You Stream Like a Pro

We will be discontinuing support of Twitch Studio after May 30, 2024. Explore our recommended streaming tools to find a different broadcasting software that works for you here.

Since we first launched Twitch Studio we’ve continued to work with the community to provide even more features to help you take your streams to the next level. Today we’re excited to share our latest batch of tools to help you achieve pro quality streams, whether you’re brand new to Twitch Studio or have been using the app since day one. Check out below all the new features to play with: 

  • A Customizable and Flexible Interface: Design your Twitch Studio layout in a way that best suits your style and channel content. Control which panels you want to display and where exactly you want them placed by dragging and dropping to save time building your personalized layout. Be on the lookout for this new interface tool to rollout in the next few weeks. 
  • Editor Updates: Now you can copy, paste, and duplicate layers or even entire scenes to save time when creating new scenes. With an easier workflow to build up your channel’s library of visual elements, establish your brand’s signature visual style in no time. 
  • Countdown Timer: Hype up your fans for your stream’s start with a countdown timer layer to help your “Starting Soon” scene build up with anticipation. Also pretty clutch for speedrunning, counting down to an announcement, and of course, AFK breaks. 
  • Chat Overlay: Add a chat box as a layer to any scene to have chat messages appear directly on your screen during a stream. It’s a big way to make your community feel more like part of the show than just cheering from the sidelines. 
  • Dual-PC Support: With NDI plugin support, Twitch Studio will automatically detect if an NDI source is available, and allows you to add the source as a layer. This makes capturing gameplay on one machine and streaming to another seamless, and easily allows you to utilize Twitch Studio for your streams if you prefer using a dual-PC setup.

Ready to test them out? Download Twitch Studio here or jump back in to play with the latest features. These are just the newest Twitch Studio tools to make it simple and fast to help you get started running a high quality stream. Be sure to be on the lookout for even more app updates ahead. 

For help with all things Twitch Studio checkout the Twitch Studio section of the Knowledge Base for any questions or suggestions. 

Looking for more control?

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