Sep 14, 2020

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month on Twitch

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, so from September 15th - October 15th we’re spotlighting incredible Hispanic and LatinX streamers on Twitch. Join the celebration, and check out the video below to see what this month means to our creators!

Watch and chat in Hispanic Heritage Month streams

The following streamers will be doing their thing this September on the front page. Be sure to show your support by joining us in chat!

Sept. 15th, Nurse_Joseph, 10AM-12PM

Sept. 16th, ProoFy, 3-5PM

Sept. 17th, Lulaboo, 1-3PM

Sept. 18th, Marielitai, 10AM-12PM

Sept. 19th, ChicaLive, 1-3PM

Sept. 20th, Selenityy, 3-5PM

Sept. 21st, PancakePowTV, 12-2PM

Sept. 22nd, Marc, 6-8PM

Sept. 23rd, AndyCortez, 7-9PM

Sept. 24th, MaisterGnW, 4-6PM

Sept. 25th, Sotus, 4-6PM

Sept. 26th, Elix, 3-5PM

Sept. 27th, Macho, 9-11AM

Sept. 28th, EnragedCinema, 8-10AM

Sept. 29th, KittyRawr, 2-4PM

Sept. 30th, thedapperrapper, 7-9PM

Oct. 1st, luality, 3-5PM

Oct. 2nd, MarDCaos, 6-8PM

Oct. 3rd, Unrooolie, 2-4PM

Oct. 4th, Nikatine, 8-10AM

Oct. 5th, ElLeon, 6-8PM

Oct. 6th, Kitanya, 4-6PM

Oct. 7th, CovertGG, 7-9AM

Oct. 8th, SanchoWest, 10AM-12PM

Oct. 9th, LatinXGames, 8AM-9PM

Oct. 10th, LatinXGames, 8AM-9PM

Oct. 11th, LatinXGames, 8AM-9PM

Oct. 12th, LanyDelRey, 2-4PM

Oct. 13th, DiegoContra, 4-6PM

Oct. 14th, JeffBrutlag, 9-11AM

Oct. 15th, neeko, 7-9PM


Content to watch 

Latinx in Gaming is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a community, sharing resources, and uplifting the international voices of Latinx identifying members within the video game industry. 

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, Latinx in Gaming is hosting a virtual summit, Unidos Online, on their channel. Unidos Online is a three-day stream summit and celebration running from Friday, October 9 to Sunday, October 11, 8AM to 9PM PT every day. The event will spotlight Latinx creatives, developers, and allies in a series of segments ranging from panels, game tournaments, cook-offs, and more.

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