Aug 27, 2020

SUBtember returns: The more you support, the more you save

SUBtember is back for its fourth year, and it’s all thanks to your continued support for your favorite streamers. All month long, we’re celebrating both the streamers who pour their passion into Twitch and the viewers who make this community so vibrant.

This SUBtember is sponsored by Capital One, and it offers a unique chance for viewers to champion their favorite streamers well beyond September: the more you support, the more you save! When you purchase a new subscription at any tier, you’ll receive:

  • 20% off the first month of new recurring 1-month subscription 
  • 25% off the first 3 months of new recurring 3-month subscription 
  • 30% off the first 6 months of new recurring 6-month subscription*

This year, SUBtember goes beyond just growing communities. In addition to monthly subs, we’re now making it easier for viewers to support creators with multi-month subscription bundles of three and six months directly in the checkout flow. When viewers subscribe to a channel for three or six months at a time, creators can better predict their level of support and continue making the amazing streams they’re known for.

Best of all, streamers will continue to receive the full value of a subscription, and there’s no limit on the number of channels you can subscribe to using the SUBtember promotion. Viewers can also apply the SUBtember discount for Tier 2 and Tier 3 subs for even larger savings!

This offer is applicable from September 1st at 1pm PT through September 30th for all sub tiers on (not available on mobile devices, but mobile users can use to access the offer). See full terms and conditions below.

In addition to helping make this SUBtember possible, another way Capital One helps customers get the most out of their money is with Eno, your Capital One assistant that looks out for charges that might surprise you and helps you fix them.

As a subscriber, depending on the channel, you can unlock perks such as:

  • Access to custom emotes that you can use across all of Twitch 
  • Subscriber badge that upgrades the longer you stay subscribed 
  • Channel points multiplier that earns you extra Channel Points as you watch
  • Ad-free viewing in select channels
  • Exclusive subscriber-only benefits, such as a sub-only games, sub-only streaming, Q&A, sub-only chat rooms, and other benefits that streamers may offer only for subscribers
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscribers can also enjoy additional emotes, emote modifiers, and our recently launched Badge Flair

Get the discount by logging into Twitch and clicking the Subscribe button on your favorite streamers’ channel pages. Or go to to search for and explore all the channels you’re already following.

Are you a Prime member? Did you receive a gift subscription? If so, this is a great opportunity to upgrade your free channel subscription and continue showing support for your favorite streamer.

Support from viewers enables streamers to do things they never thought possible, and we’ll be sharing just a handful of those stories over the course of the month on the front page. We’re excited to celebrate SUBtember with you this year and embrace a community unlike any other!

*Discounts apply only to the first term of new, recurring paid subscriptions or conversion of existing Prime or gift subscriptions to paid subscriptions.  Not applicable to existing recurring subscriptions; to Prime or gift subscriptions that are not being converted to paid; or to new single gift, community gift, team, or custom subscriptions. Offer not available on Twitch mobile apps. Ends 9/30/20 at 11:59pm PT.

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