Aug 11, 2020

Hyper Scape Launches: Celebrate with New Features and Exclusive Emotes

If you thought you knew Hyper Scape, the breakthrough battle royale with new levels of interactivity between Twitch viewers and streamers, wait until you see what’s ahead for the August 11th launch and beyond.

Next Level Bits

Viewers can now use Bits to drop visual items into matches to amp up their favorite streamers. Scope below the first you can start playing with NOW.


With Bits, Viewers can buy Kudos to flood their favorite streamer’s HUD (heads-up-display) with emojis to give the player a second wind without losing a precious millisecond to read Chat during fierce play.  Kudos also contribute to progress faster in their Battle Passes.

These latest features follow on the heels of game-changing streamer invites, advanced stat viewing, and event voting, making Hyper Scape the most Twitch-powered game ever. For Streamers, to make all the fun happen just activate Crowncast (link) extension during your broadcasts. 

And to power up your Chat even outside the game, score limited run Hyper Scape launch emotes. 

Exclusive Emotes 

Between August 17th to August 31st, be the first to unlock permanent Hyper Scape emotes by Cheering 300 Bits or more, purchasing a Subscription, or Gifting Subs on any Affiliate or Partner channel. 

With each show of support you will receive exclusive emotes to celebrate the Hyper Scape launch, and send emotes to the rest of the community. The larger the show of support, the greater the number of emotes given to other viewers. Collect up to 10 exclusive emotes. 

For the full FAQ on details see here.

Hyper Scape officially launches August 11th on Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC and continues right here on Twitch.

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