Jun 22, 2020

Announcing a New Home for CurseForge

Since we acquired CurseForge in 2016, we’ve been blown away by the energy and creativity of the modding community. The growth has been incredible - CurseForge now supports approximately 20 games and offers over 110k mods from more than 40k active authors. 

Today, we’re announcing a new home for CurseForge. We’ve entered into an agreement with Overwolf, the leading open platform for game apps and services, who will assume leadership of the CurseForge community, effective today. 

Overwolf has been a leader in helping app developers evolve and build great apps. They have a strong track record of helping in-game apps creators build, distribute, and monetize their creations, and now, they’re expanding their focus to partner with mod authors to enable them to earn a living doing what they love. Overwolf matches Twitch’s passionate commitment to the creator community, and we think they are a perfect fit to lead CurseForge moving forward. 

Thank you to the entire CurseForge community. We’ve been privileged to have you in the Twitch family, and we can’t wait to watch you grow with Overwolf.

For more details, please see Overwolf’s announcement here.

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Jun 24, 2020

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