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Twitch Studio Beta comes to Mac

Jun 17 2020

Thank you to all the creators that have tried Twitch Studio so far. We’ve loved hearing about your experiences and working with you to make Twitch Studio even better. Since the beta’s launch in November 2019, we’ve added new features based on feedback from the community, like one-click green screen set up and Chrome capture. We’ve heard from several creators, especially creators of music and creative content, that we needed to bring Twitch Studio to more devices. We’re excited to announce that we’ve taken the next step forward by rolling out the Twitch Studio Beta on Mac. 

If you’re a Mac user who has been eager to give streaming a try but didn’t know how to start, Twitch Studio is our all-in-one streaming software designed from the ground up with new creators in mind. Whether you’re interested in games, music, art, cooking, or any number of other passions, Twitch Studio provides a fast way to set up and go live on Twitch. A few highlights include: 

Ready to start? You can Download Twitch Studio right here to begin. We’re continuing to invest in Twitch Studio and improve the experience for both current and new streamers, so be sure to stay tuned for many more features coming throughout the year. You can find our team on Discord if you have any questions or suggestions.

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