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Celebrate accessibility for all on Twitch

May 19 2020

“You’re already one of us” is so core to our values that it greets everyone entering our main lobby in big neon letters at our San Francisco headquarters. To us, this doesn’t just mean gamers and creatives; it’s for everyone, no matter their interests, background, or ability. 

In recent months, we’ve made significant steps to support all creators and users in our community through improved Twitch products. This includes:

It’s not just product improvements we’re committed to, but also establishing programs for both our community and employees to find the resources they need to succeed. So far, we’ve:

There are ways you can help bring more accessibility on Twitch too! Stream Closed Captioner provides speech to text for any viewers who are hard of hearing or need to keep a low volume. Streamers can enable Closed Captioner as an extension, and viewers can check the site for any streamer currently using Closed Captions.

Now that we’ve established the accessibility and inclusive design program, it’s time to keep going. We’ll continue creating documentation, working to correct and prevent technical errors, hosting future empathy sessions, and spotlighting streamers with disabilities so that we can ensure that no matter your ability, you’ve got a place on Twitch.

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