May 11, 2020

Everything you’d ever want to know about Twitch gift cards

Update [7/7/20] We’re happy to announce that you can now find Twitch gift cards online at Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. As stores start to open up, we’re looking forward to offering physical gift cards at Best Buy and GameStop in the coming weeks. We’re also working with other retailers and looking to offer gift cards in other countries, so expect to hear more from us soon.

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Twitch. What is it? That’s a fair question, and it’s one that we’ve answered with, well… streamers and space dinosaurs. We’ve also prepared an alternate version below, just for you.

Twitch is the place for fans of games, sports, music, and more to watch live streams, hang out in chat, and build communities together. Because we do all those things live every single day, anyone can hop right in and play a part. That “anyone” includes you, your kids, grandkids, siblings, friends, partners, coworkers, and/or strangers on the bus. 

Sending one of our brand new Twitch gift cards is a great way to help the Twitch fans in your life meet fans like them, support their favorite streamers, and be part of the next big thing right as it’s happening.

Digital gift cards are available with special designs for birthdays, graduations, random celebratory moments, or just because!  For the more veteran Twitch viewers out there, they’re also excellent gifts for moderators, emote artists, and friends in chat. 

Here’s everything you need to know about them. 

Where can I get a Twitch gift card? 

Right over here at! Digital gift cards come in $25, $50, $100, and $200 values. We’re also launching physical cards at Best Buy and GameStop soon, with variable values ranging from $15 to $200. When you’re looking at the gift card wall, just keep an eye out for our purple. 

What can you purchase with Twitch gift cards? 

They can be redeemed and used for Bits (a virtual good used to support streamers or celebrate moments in chat), subs (a recurring subscription that supports the streamer and unlocks special benefits for the subscriber), and gift subs (a subscription that you can give to other people). 

How do I/my kid/grandkid/sibling/friend/partner/coworker/stranger on the bus redeem the card? 

Our code redemption page is here, and it can also be found on

Your gift recipient will need to have a Twitch account to redeem their code, and to start, codes can only be redeemed in the US. Once it’s redeemed, the full amount on the card will be transferred over to the recipient’s gift card balance in their Twitch Wallet.

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