May 6, 2020

A New Look for Channel Pages

Last year, we announced we were redesigning the channel page to improve the viewer experience and give streamers more ways to show the world who they are. 

We’ve spent the past year testing, listening to feedback from our community, and refining the page to ensure we were delivering an experience that not only made it easier for streamers to define who they are, but improved how viewers discover new creators and communities. We’re excited to announce that the new and improved channel page begins rolling out today.

The redesigned channel page gives creators new tools to feature a channel trailer, publish stream schedules, and provide more detail to help new viewers get to know the streamer and their channel with a bio, social media links, and curated videos. Here’s what’s new:

A New, Customizable Home

A New, Customizable Home

Streamers now have a new and improved home for their content, even when they’re offline. They can brand themselves with bigger customizable banners, more prominent avatars, a creator-specific color, and streamer-curated video shelves to show off their greatest moments right up front.

The new offline channel page shows channel trailers, recent broadcasts, and hosted channels while the new tabbed navigation gives viewers more to discover.

The Videos tab has a customizable layout so the streamer can curate their content, re-order the content shelves, and add new video collections.

Making Introductions, Even When a Creator is Offline

Channels now include a revamped bio.

Channels now include a revamped bio, complete with social media links. The content, keywords, and links will help make channels easier to find on Twitch, as well as across the web.

This update also introduces channel trailers. Before, when someone arrived at an offline channel, they were met with a blank video player or sometimes an offline image. Now, trailers can now be uploaded to channels, giving streamers the ability to introduce themselves even when they’re offline. Trailers will show up front-and-center and be automatically displayed for new viewers, giving them a sense for the streamer and a feel for the content and community.

Schedules at-a-Glance

A simplified schedule integrated into Twitch

A simplified schedule integrated into Twitch gives streamers the ability to set and publish their schedule so viewers know when to tune in. Streamers can even schedule time off with Vacation Mode. Past broadcasts will also show up in the calendar and link viewers directly to the previous stream’s VOD.

We’re so excited for you to see the new channel page, and we know that creators are looking forward to sharing their revamped pages and channel trailers. The new channel page will roll out to all viewers over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for the refreshed page. 

This new experience has been available to streamers for the past month to prepare for the public launch and we’ve incorporated a lot of their feedback into the final product. If you’re a streamer and haven’t set up your page be sure to go to Channel Settings to find all the new features or check out the Help Page. We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience on Twitch. Feel free to share feedback here, on social, or reach out to support.

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