Mar 2, 2020

Celebrate Women’s History Month on Twitch

March is Women’s History Month, and all month long, we’re inviting everyone on Twitch to celebrate all the women who stream, chat, and make our communities incredible. 

We’ll be spotlighting women on the homepage and teaming up once again with the 1000 Dream Fund charity. Here’s how to get involved!

Watch Highlighted Streams

Every day in March, we’re featuring women creators and their communities on Twitch. 

Check out the front page to see a different featured streamer every day, starting right now. You can find the full schedule below. Just double check the start time (they’re all in PT), jump into chat, and say HeyGuys.

  • 3/1: Natsumiii, 11AM-1PM
  • 3/2: Nysttren, 11AM-1PM
  • 3/3: Wish, 9AM-11AM
  • 3/4: Luba_DO, 1PM-3PM
  • 3/5: RaddersGaming, 1PM-3PM
  • 3/6: Tiffae, 1PM-3PM
  • 3/7: Miisty, 3PM-5PM
  • 3/8: Indiefoxx, 7PM-9PM
  • 3/9: Bloody, 6PM-8PM
  • 3/10: Michi, 7AM-9AM
  • 3/11: Kaceytron, 3PM-5PM
  • 3/12: miss_rage, 5AM-7AM
  • 3/13: Melania, 3AM-5AM
  • 3/14: DaniDawnstar, 5PM-7PM
  • 3/15: heyimbee, 7PM-9PM
  • 3/16: Bloodyfaster, 2PM-4PM
  • 3/17: Marielitai, 12PM-2PM
  • 3/18: MadameGandalf, 1PM-3PM
  • 3/19: LifeWithLaughs, 4PM-6PM
  • 3/20: littlesiha, 11AM-1PM
  • 3/21: mermaidqueenjude, 10AM-12PM
  • 3/22: Kungfufruitcup, 6PM-8PM
  • 3/23: Skybilz, 6PM-8PM
  • 3/24: Curiousjoi, 11AM-1PM
  • 3/25: Strawburry17, 3PM-5PM
  • 3/26: Lowco, 9AM-11AM
  • 3/27: EbonixSims, 10AM-12PM
  • 3/28: AshleyRoboto, 10AM-12PM
  • 3/29: Misskyliee, 1PM-3PM
  • 3/30: WitchyTwitchy, 5PM-7PM
  • 3/31: MopGarden, 4PM-6PM

Support 1000 Dream Fund

For our third straight year, we’re partnering with 1000 Dreams Fund (1DF) to raise money for women interested in STEM and broadcasting. 

1DF and Twitch have teamed up to create a grant specifically to support women who stream on Twitch. The Twitch BroadcastHER grant provides financial assistance to eligible women to help with expenses like travel to gaming conventions, educational conferences, hardware upgrades, and instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits. 

Since its inception, this community has raised over $130,000 and awarded over 100 grants. Let’s keep it rolling this year. 

You can find more information about BroadcastHER here, and if you’d like to pitch in, join the fundraising efforts on Tiltify here.

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