Jan 30, 2020

Streamer Love: A celebration of Twitch streamers

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we’re inviting you to get in the holiday spirit with us. Starting today until February 16, we’re celebrating streamers around the globe and inviting you to show them some love.

When you subscribe to a channel, gift at least one subscription, or cheer at least 300 Bits, you’ll permanently unlock special Streamer Love emotes AND gift emotes to the community. These emotes are specially designed by Twitch artist /noctis00 and inspired by the most popular emotes from our recent RPG Megacheer event. 

We’ve also got a heartfilled lineup for you. On February 14, we’ll be featuring 12 different creators showcasing cute or romantic themed streams, including dating sims, musical performances, and more. Get to know them below, and don’t forget to give these streamers a follow:

Finally, if you’re attending the Taipei Game Show from February 6-9, you can earn up to 300 free Bits at the event by completing a few fun quests. Visit the Twitch booth for more info!

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

When does the Streamer Love event start and end?

The event will run from January 30 to February 16, 2020, and participants will keep all emotes earned.

What is a gift?

Gifts are given randomly to other viewers in the channel when you support a streamer. Each gift provides the receiving viewer with one of the exclusive emotes. There are a total of 14 exclusive emotes up for grabs. Upon receiving a gift, recipients can quickly thank the initiator by clicking the “Thank” prompt at the bottom of their chat.

Will I be eligible for the same set of emotes for Cheering, Subbing, or Gifting?

Yes. Whether you Cheer, Subscribe, or Gift a sub, you will be eligible to receive the same emotes.

Can I get the same emote multiple times?

No. Each time you unlock an emote, whether by Subbing, Gifting, or Cheering you will receive a new exclusive emote that you do not already own.

Will I get the same number of emotes regardless of how much I contribute?

No. The bigger your single contribution, the more emotes you will earn. See the table above to learn how many emotes your contribution is eligible for.

Can I still participate anonymously?

Participating anonymously will still gift emotes to other viewers as usual. However, you will not earn emotes yourself.

Do I get and/or give more emotes for subscribing or gifting subscriptions at a higher tier?

Yes. Tier 2 subs will earn you one additional emote and trigger 5 additional emotes for the community. Tier 3 subs will earn an additional 2 emotes and trigger an additional 10 gifts for the community.

Do I get more emotes for Cheering over 5,000 Bits?

No. Ten emotes is the maximum number of emotes you can receive for a single Cheer. 

If I’ve received emotes, will I keep all of them forever?

Yes! Any emotes earned during this promotion will be kept permanently.

What if there are more gifts than viewers in a channel?

If your contribution is large enough that the emote gifts exceed the number of viewers in a channel, followers of the channel will also receive emotes. If all viewers and followers of the channel have received emotes, viewers and followers will receive additional emotes until all the emote gifts have been distributed.

I just subscribed/resubscribed to a channel, where is my emote reward?

You will receive your emote when your subscription/resubscription is shared in chat.

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