Jan 2, 2020

We’re starting 2020 coming in hot - introducing The Twitch January Drop.

Updated 1/30/20

All month long we’re spotlighting what makes Twitch great with a killer slate of interactive special events, programming and content meant to blow your mind.

It’s all part of our goal to connect fans with the larger gaming community so you can delve deeper into the games you already know and love. And January is just the beginning!

Let’s gooooooo!


Football is one of the most watched programming on terrestrial broadcast and Fortnite is one of the most played games on earth. Twitch is bringing them both together in a never-been-done crossover event of ridiculous proportion! For the first time ever the NFLPA, Epic Games, and Twitch Rivals are collaborating to produce a series of gaming live broadcasts & events.

Tune in on /twitchrivals to watch NFL Players and Twitch streamers battle it out for $500,000 in charity prizing. It kicks off with a player draft on 1/16 where streamers battle for top seed to pick their NFL Duos partner. Ultimately, the last duo teams standing will battle it out in a Fortnite Pro-Am competition spectacle to be streamed live from the big game in Miami on 1/30 @3PM PST.

Learn more here.


Discover your community in 2020 with our new episodic show, “New Year New Squad”. Join top streamers as they squad up for live gameplay, insider tips on streamers to follow, where to find them and a healthy dose of “clip that!”.

Find your squad, Fridays in January starting 1/17 @3PM PST on /twitch.

EPISODE 1 - JERICHO and Skadoodle play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 1/17 @3PM on /twitch

EPISODE 2 - LilyPichu and Voyboy play League of Legends- 1/24 @3PM PST on /twitch

EPISODE 3 - SanchoWest and Cloakzy play Fortnite - 1/31 @3PM PST on /twitch


After an exciting League of Legends event this past November, Twitch Rivals is once again bringing top streamers together to compete in an ultimate team showdown event. All matches will follow the same 4-team group double round-robin, tiebreaker, and knockout bracket formats used in the World Championships.

Team captains will draft teammates on 1/6. in a live event featuring a unique exhibition game with streamers Trick2g and Yassuo joining forces to battle together as teammates. Fans can look for their fierce rivalry to re-ignite once competition gets truly underway and teams go head to head on 1/21 through 1/23. Don’t miss it on /twitchrivals.

In other news
Jan 8, 2020

Introducing Twitchverse, plus our first show of the decade!

Introducing Twitchverse, plus our first show of the decade! Post
Dec 16, 2019

Channel Points: An easy way to engage with your audience

Channel Points is a new way for creators to recognize and reward their community members with points for watching, following, subscribing, and taking other actions on their channel
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