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New Partner Hype!

Aug 26 2019 - By Mary Kish

There’s almost nothing greater than watching a channel hit Partnership, and the path to Partner is certain a journey for every streamer. We interviewed freshly Partnered streamers CurtisRyan_, GetMeowth, and benjamin_wheeler about their path to Partnership and what it took to get that coveted purple check mark. As they reflected back to the moment they found out they got partnered live on stream, they offered some great advice to up-and-coming streamers.

Getting Partnered isn’t just exciting for the Partner, it’s a momentous occasion for the whole community — staff included! Discovering they’ve hit their goal live on air is heartwarming, emotional, and an epic ton of Pog.

We’re excited to share some of these captured live moments with you, as well as give you insight into some of these newly Partnered channels. You can check them on our front page over the next week, as well as click through below to visit their channels. Congrats on achieving another #bleedpurplestep in streaming on Twitch.










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