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Updated! Your Developer Experience at TwitchCon 2019

Jun 19 2019

Updated August 28 with session and activity details!

Over the past two years, we’ve hosted a dedicated Developer Day the day before TwitchCon. We’re pleased to announce that the developer experience is now fully integrated into TwitchCon San Diego — Friday through Sunday — with a dedicated Developer Camp and fun experiences specific to developers.

Developers can learn how to build deeper integrations and interactive experiences on Twitch — and now connecting with the creators and communities who use them will be even easier.

Community-run Meetup

Join the Twitch Developer community for an evening meetup hosted for the community by the community. Mix and mingle with other developers who are in town for TwitchCon, local developers, and Twitch staff! Kick off your TwitchCon weekend right with this exciting community-run event.

Developer Camp

Introducing Developer Camp! Hear how developers can build, grow, and solve problems with Twitch products and take your development to the next level.

10:00am — Developing Multiplayer Entertainment

The Twitch Developer team will present the future of our developer products and discuss what we’ve learned. You will also hear from developers who have pushed the envelope as to what is possible on Twitch.

11:00am — Building a Content-matched Experience with Twitch Extensions

Hear from several teams across Twitch to learn how to best design, build, and test a content-matched experience with Twitch Extensions.

12:00pm — Scaling and Monetizing Your Twitch Integration

You’ve built an awesome Twitch integration, now master how to scale your product, grow your audience, and build a business.

Developer Workshop

We’re really excited to have CSharpFritz lead this year’s developer workshop at TwitchCon! Join this session to build an interactive experience on Twitch using the API, Extensions, and artificial intelligence. Don’t forget your laptop!

Hackathon Opening Ceremony

TwitchCon is partnering with Major League Hacking to throw a 24-hour hackathon! This is your chance to work alongside creators, understand their needs, and build something that has a real, positive impact on the community.

You must apply and be accepted to participate. Get more information and apply now.

Hackathon Award Show

See the fruits of your labor (and everyone else’s) during the TwitchCon Hackathon presentations, judging, and winner selection show.

We’ll also have a full-featured live stream on /TwitchDev throughout Saturday and Sunday where you can hear from and interact with the Twitch team and members of the TwitchDev community.

Explore the developer schedule for TwitchCon and add sessions to your calendar. If you don’t have your TwitchCon ticket yet and these activities have totally convinced you to go, there’s still time.

See you in San Diego! 👋

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