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Meet Our Twitch Ambassadors!

Mar 22 2019 - By Mary Kish

Meet our Twitch Ambassadors!

At TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, we debuted a program that represents the diversity of content, creators, and communities on Twitch. Our first 15 TwitchCon Ambassadors shared their stories across social media, Twitch Weekly, the TwitchCon blog, and on the front page, leading up to, and at, TwitchCon.

Being a TwitchCon Ambassador showcased these creators to the broader Twitch community, and not only did they flourish, but communities from Beauty to Speedrunning to The Sims had an opportunity to shine like never before. Obviously, we couldn’t stop there, so we’re broadening the program beyond TwitchCon and introducing a new Twitch Ambassador every single week.

You’ve already met some of our Ambassadors and experienced a day in their life through their Twitch Instagram takeovers: ChocolateKieran, mmmkhayyy, SpawnOnMe, Trihex, misscoookiez, itsHafu, and Pokket. We’re also currently spotlighting all of our TwitchCon Europe Ambassadors!

The Partners chosen are established and have amazing communities, but their unique stories deserve a bigger spotlight. They were chosen specifically because of the positive impact they’ve contributed to the Twitch community. From being role models for their community, to establishing new content genres on Twitch, to having inspirational stories that empower those around them, these creators embody what it means to #BleedPurple.

Every week, we’ll feature a new Partner or Affiliate and a new community live on the front page of Twitch telling their unique stories and on an Instagram takeover, as well as popping up occasionally in a number of additional places (hint: Berlin and San Diego). We hope you’ll stop by, say hello to these creators, and leave a :bleedPurple: or two in chat.

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