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3 Extensions Making this Holiday Season Extra Merry

Dec 21 2018 - By Megan Dobransky

3 Extensions making this holiday season extra merry

With over 60 percent of Partners and Affiliates already using Extensions, they’re quickly becoming one of the best ways for creators to connect with fans and support their channels.

For developers, it’s good to know that themed Extensions around events and holidays are something that streamers love to use to engage their community and customize their channels.

Check out how these Extensions are helping them do it during this holiday season.


This Christmas Extension helps streamers engage their community and even give has a new way of monetization. Viewers can choose among different Christmas tree decorations and even leave a message on every decoration.

The Christmas tree will be displayed on the stream, but the viewers have always the option to hide it. If a tree gets too full with decorations, viewers will also be able to add new trees.


This Extensions allows streamers to automatically import an Amazon Wishlist and show the items in their channel. This let’s fans see what streamers want and maybe they’ll do their part to help their favorite streamers get these items.


‘Tis the season! The Tiltify Donation Extension makes it easier than ever to fundraise for charity. At a glance, viewers will know who a streamer is fundraising for, what the fundraising goal is, how much has been raised, and an on-page donate button to take audience engagement to the next level.

Hopefully these Extensions will inspire you to think about the possibilities for other big experiences that streamers come together for like New Year’s Eve, major sporting events, or other seasonal celebrations.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Twitch Dev!

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