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Thank You, Global Moderators

Dec 13 2018

An Update to the Global Moderator Program

As Twitch has grown and evolved, so has our approach to ensuring that the community has tools to stay safe. One of our earliest efforts was the Global Moderator program, a group of dedicated community members who helped monitor the site and report unacceptable behavior across channels on Twitch.

As any OG Twitch fan can tell you, we’ve been growing. The number of channels and the number of viewers tuning in has exploded in recent years. To empower the growing community, we’ve invested in building tools like Automod and the upcoming Moderator Tools in chat that help streamers and their channel mods safeguard their own channels. We also encourage streamers and viewers alike to use the site-wide reporting tools to alert us of behavior that goes against our community guidelines. To support this, we’ve also expanded our internal moderation team, a group of employees across the world who review and act on your reports 24/7.

As a result of these investments, we no longer rely on Global Moderators the way we did when the program started. Today, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the current group of 16 Global Moderators, and all of our past Global Moderators, as we announce the end of the Global Moderator program. We look forward to continuing the legacy of their contributions and the spirit of the program through the investments we’ve made in new tools to support all channel moderators within the community and our internal moderation team at Twitch.

We also want to thank everyone in the Twitch community who makes Twitch the best place to enjoy live, interactive entertainment. Whether you’re a Channel Moderator who spends hours monitoring chat or just someone who took the time to send us a report, we remain committed to supporting your efforts to improve the Twitch community.

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