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Music on Twitch — News and Updates

Nov 19 2018 - By Brian

Music on Twitch — News and Updates

At TwitchCon we announced Twitch Sings, a brand new karaoke game built from the ground-up for streaming on Twitch. Last week, we began our closed beta and we can’t wait to hear what the community thinks — you can check out creators playing Twitch Sings right here.

We believe Twitch Sings is an exciting way for creators and their communities to come together over a shared love of music on Twitch. If you’re interested in singing on Twitch, the beta signup is at — more people will be invited as space opens up.

As Twitch has grown, we’ve heard questions from many creators about the types of music content that are allowed on Twitch. To help give creators more clarity, we’ve added more detail to our Community Guidelines around music. These now include details around sharing music on Twitch, including what is allowed, what isn’t, and how this plays out across different types of music content (cover songs, instrumentals, karaoke, and more).

Our goal with this update is to make sure creators have access to information that helps them make informed decisions about the kinds of music content they include on their channels. You can read this new update by visiting the Community Guidelines on music here.

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